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Race Car Room Decorations

race car room decorations

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    race car
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race car room decorations - Formula 1

Formula 1 Racing Cars Self Stick Room Appliques

Formula 1 Racing Cars Self Stick Room Appliques

FORMULA 1 Decorative Wall Stickers (set of 4 sheets - 20 stickers) . Self-stick, removable, and reusable Jumbo Wall Stickers are the easy way to decorate. It's so quick and amazing , just peel and stick! Jumbo Size: 4 sheets , 20 precut stickers. Decorate in minutes!! Easy to apply. Works best on clean, smoth, dust-free surfaces. Apply even pressure to entire sticker surface. 20 pieces of Peel & Stick technology will adhere to any smooth surface. Easily removable and repositionable. Washable with mild soap and sponge. Safe for use in all rooms including the bathroom. Decorating has never been so easy! Clamshell Packaging.

82% (13)

candles and a rainy day...

candles and a rainy day...

*been a quiet day today...woke up really early to watch Formula 1 racing from Spa in Belgium...made myself coffee with my new french press...made a honey and flaxseed bread...took my Mum shopping this morning for her fave candles (and stuff) for her Birthday (we went to IKEA and Pier 1)...found some wonderful Halloween decorations...returned home with goodies...made my (sick) sweetie lunch (and sent her back to bed)...fed the birds and squirrels...took some photos (edited, posted)...and poured myself a glass of wine...

*it has been raining lightly all day...but it is perfect for me today...at the moment I am sitting in the dining room (photo in comments)...the window is open...and there is some lovely cool air...I can hear the rain; the birds; the wind through the turning leaves; the odd car splashing through a puddle; and Blarney trotting down the hall heading to the living room to survey his vast estate...

...Judy is listening to soft piano music in the bedroom - not that she can hear it as she is asleep - but I can hear it, and it is very soothing...

...such are the sounds of my late Sunday afternoon...

...if I can figure out the recipe that Judy had picked out for dinner I may just tackle that - but, perhaps, that is just too ambitious for this moment in time...

: )


kiwi's room 1

kiwi's room 1

My first try at a room for my PF.
This is a project involving a box, re-ments, a magic sponge (I have to build the bed around it) and of course my lack of space XD

Kiwi will have a green and yellow, very bright room. she loves cats and nature.

- general view

race car room decorations

race car room decorations

RoomMates RMK1150SCS Speed Racer Peel & Stick Wall Decals

Removable, repositionable and reusable wall stickers, kids wall murals, borders and kids growth charts! RoomMates stick to any smooth surface: painted walls, windows, doors, mirrors, tile and ceramic,... even lockers, book covers, cars. Wall decor themes for the home. Personalize kids rooms with popular characters and decorative themes, or give a high-style touch to kitchen, bathroom, family room and bedroom with designer wall graphics and seasonal decorations. RoomMates are an inexpensive, easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove alternative to painting, stenciling or stamping. Mix and match the removable wall stickers to get the look you want.

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