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Cabin Decor Catalog

cabin decor catalog

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cabin decor catalog - SentrySafe 2HD43ST

SentrySafe 2HD43ST 1 Drawer - 1 Side Tab Unit - 43 Inch

SentrySafe 2HD43ST 1 Drawer - 1 Side Tab Unit - 43 Inch

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The cabin was built with vertical logs, which is more suited to the wet Welsh climate, as any rain will quickly run off with the grain, and is mostly prevented from hitting the wall by the wide overhang. It was also easier for me to handle the shorter logs. The chinking is done with a mixture of clay, sand and moss. One of the aesthetic advantages of vertical logs is that the cabin looks like it has grown out of the ground, and with nature engulfing it, it seems to apear more than a hundred years old although it is only about 7 years old. The cabin is 8 feet by 16 feet, and has a couple of rough sheds attached to the side and back for logs and a mechanical workshop.

Looking up at the new cabin from the creek

Looking up at the new cabin from the creek

This photo was taken while standing in the creek looking up at the new papercrete cabin we are slowly building. The water is high right now. If you go to where you can see it's about 5 feet deep.

cabin decor catalog

cabin decor catalog

How to Build Your Dream Cabin in the Woods: The Ultimate Guide to Building and Maintaining a Backcountry Getaway

Whether you want a fishing cabin or a “green” country life, J. Wayne Fears can help make your dream come true.
Here is the ultimate resource for finally turning your dream into reality. With photos, blueprints, and diagrams, Fears thoroughly covers the process of constructing the cabin you’ve always wanted. From buying land, construction materials, deciding on lighting, the water system, and on-site constructions—such as shooting ranges, an outhouse, or an outside fire ring—this is a book filled with nuggets of wisdom from a specialist in the field: J. Wayne Fears is a wildlife biologist by training who has organized big-game hunting camps, guided canoe trips, and run commercial getaway operations. He built his own log cabin in the early 1990s and has been enjoying it ever since. Now you can build and enjoy the cabin you've always dreamed of, too. 75 color illustrations and 24 black-and-white illustrations

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